Monday, September 18, 2006

NOT about love, relationships or sex

Things are just beginning to warm up for the November municipal election here in TO. I ran into one of the candidates for my ward on Saturday - he is an old friend/acquaintance. He was on his way to the market where he says that police were towing cars, but ignoring the crack dealers.

Jane Pitfield is the only opposition mayoral candidate getting any real press so far. Today she announced that she would like to pass a law prohibiting panhandling on Toronto streets. "YEH" I said, to no one in particular since I was alone in the car at the time. The more really stupid things like that she proposes the better the chances are she won't get elected!

I'm going looking for some election related blogs and sites so I can start getting myself informed. Adam asked me to work on his campaign. Might be a better use of my energy than moaning about not finding the perfect love, huh?

So far I have found: Pitfield has some wonderfully stupid things to say about providing home ownership to people currently living in public housing. You go girl!

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