Friday, September 15, 2006

Is hope a halucination?

A friend posted the following quote in a comment to one of my blog entries. Apparently it comes from Diane Schoemperlen's book of short stories "Forms of Devotion":

"Still I was not willing to concede that love is blind. Rather...I insisted that love makes you see things that aren't there. Things like honesty, integrity, wisdom, courage, the future, etcetera. Love is not blindness. Love is a halucination, the ultimate distortion of reality by which all those parallel lines you've believed in for so long become curves and all perpective is lost."

I agree and disagree with this sad, yet wonderful, description. Perhaps love is both blind and a halucination. In love, we do not see things that are there, and we do see things that aren't there. If the halucination has been powerful enough then when we awake from our distorted reality our heart is broken. However it is also possible that when the halucination lifts and our distorted reality morphs into a less distorted reality (reality is an arguable concept after all) that another love then has a chance to live. At least that is the current illusion that I am betting on: hope for a love with happiness and a shared reality.

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tunes without the words
And never stops--at all.
(Emily Dickinson)

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