Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Midwinter in Toronto

A very routine 'diary' like posting:

Saturday last was the "John Doe" annual birthday party. It's an old fashioned 70s style party- live music, tons of people, tons of intoxicants etc. I went with two friends. One of my friends new the host because way back when she had been married to a friend of the host. The two men had known one another when they were both living at Roshdale, which was this infamous 'free' college at the UofT in the 60s. Hope that gives you a picture of the type of party it is. It was fun. I got my ego stroked. Got hit on by lots of men. None of them the least bit tempting.... but still..... a girl can always enjoy soaking up some appreciation now and again. LOL.

V (my guy who has moved away) and I continue to be in very regular contact.... almost everyday there is either a telephone conversation or an email, or both. He still doesn't have a personal computer, so no access to Skype or MSN right now. I like to romantically think that perhaps he misses me more than he thought he would..... but that may just be me practising wishful thinking.

One of my best friends and I have embarked on a weekend adventure this winter. We have been trying to master the art of baking cream puffs and/or cream cornets/cones. We've tried 2 different recipes thus far. (We were too hungover after the big birthday party last weekend to try recipe 3) The first one was the biggest disaster I think I have ever experienced in over 30 years of baking. Inedible. Last week's were quite edible, but still there was a lot of room for improvement. We aim to try recipe 3 on the weekend, unless we get lazy and decide to wimp out and just bake pies!

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