Friday, October 10, 2008

Getting busy at the Galeria

Been busy this past month at the Galeria. Our September show of jewelry wasn't necessarily a financial hit, but it was a beautiful show and the staff were proud because it was the first show the gallery had done that was ready in time. The opening went off without any serious hitches and all in all we did a good job.

Our October show was scheduled for October 23, but just last week the artist canceled because some collector came and bought up his entire inventory! Well... good for him... not so good for us. I had done a fair amount of work on promotional materials for the show, and was pretty happy with the flyers etc. (see below)

Meanwhile, work continues on general promotional materials for the gallery, staff consultations, meeting artists, and planning future shows and programs. I've also been doing a bit of work for the arts festival that will be held in the Central Park on December 6.

We've been having some flooding problems, especially in the studio and in our storage cupboard. There is a major flaw in the roof design and pretty much the entire roof needs to be redone. So... management has decided to close the gallery for the next month while these repairs are conducted. This will give the staff a chance to get the administrative house in order (boy does it need it!) and for me to get the promotional materials finalized. Still tons to do!

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