Friday, June 20, 2008

Paper, paper and more paper

Leaving Canada for an indefinite period of time provides a wonderful opportunity to seriously weed out of my life all the unnecessary STUFF that one accumulates. I am not what one would normally call a pack-rat. For one thing, I have lived in this house for almost 7 years and that is the longest I have lived anywhere since leaving my childhood home at the age of 17. This somewhat nomadic life has necessarily meant that I have not accumulated an enormous amount of things. However, I am as guilty as the next person of collecting STUFF. I will not divest myself of everything... I will store some furniture and other necessities; as there is as good a chance that I will return to Canada within a year or two as not. At least for now, I can't commit to a total break with life here.

So, my days are filled with creating piles:

  1. sell or give away
  2. store
  3. recycle
  4. throw away
I have already filled about 5 large garbage bags with paper for the recycling bin! It is unbelievable the amount of paper that can pile up in one's life. As a friend of mine once remarked about life...."one thing THEY don't tell you about is the filing"... well... I have filed FAR too much is my life and now am embracing the infamous 'File 13'.

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Val said...

Arg... I move so much and cannot believe how much I accumulate! Paper paper paper! And I see myself as a non-consummerist! I can only imagine how much I would have if I never moved. Good luck! valx