Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A new and different journey

For approximately the last 5 years, my life has been marked by too much negative upheaval. A tragic decision to become deeply involved with an incredibly wounded man resulted in one headache and heartache after another. The good news of course is that I learned an incredible amount about myself and the decisions I make through this trying experience.

In any case, it is now in my past and I have decided to mark this occasion with a year of positive upheaval!

One of the things that I have always hoped to be able to do for (and with) my daughter, is to give her the opportunity to live outside of North America for a period of time prior to high school. A number of things have come together in my life, so that this year I am going to be able to make this dream a reality.

So - Alfhild's journey, while I doubt I will abandon completely, will be overshadowed by a new blog that will document this new physical journey.

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