Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Classic V-day Bitterness

On my ideal Valentines day one or more of the following would happen:

1.) a huge and beautiful bouquet of flowers will be delivered to my door, sent by the object of my desire.... roses, would be ok.... lilies would be better.... calla lillies and red roses together might prove unbelievable and irresistable.

2.) the object of my desire, whom I have been unable to see for awhile, would show up unexpectedly at my door.... fortunately I would have for some unknown reason just finished grooming and dressing as if I had a hot date, and look so good his heart would melt on the spot.

3.) diamonds are good too.

Do you think I may have been just a 'little' influenced by marketing campaigns?

Guess what? None of the above happened today. For that matter none of the above has ever happened to me. I did get a happy V day email though.

I'm going to celebrate "disapointment in love" tonight with a girlfriend by burning all existing pictures of the last horrible excuse for a husband I had. Or at least pretend and drink a lot of wine!

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