Friday, November 17, 2006

Bring on the Millionaires

A new dating service is being launched in Toronto today. The Millionaires Club. I'm not joking.

Apparently it has been operating successfully in the U.S. for awhile. The idea (so they say) is to assist busy eligible rich men to find 'quality' (read: exceptionally beautifula and intelligent) women versus the flighty golddiggers they generally run in to.

While the website seems to indicate that 'quality' also means 'young'... I think I may see if there are any millionaires out there interested in a moderatly beautiful, quite intelligent, 'mature' woman (that would be me!)

I know many people will poo poo this latest adventure.... but heh .... what do I have to lose? At the best I will meet the perfect man who also has money! I know chances are slim cause it's probably an oxymoron: my perfect man and a rich man, but at the worst I will spend some time filling out a form and never hear from them again. Somewhere in the middle I 'may' get to have a few really great dinners, meet a completely different kind of person than I usually meet, and have fodder for the blog!

Stay tuned for adventures in millionaire land!

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