Thursday, August 31, 2006

Curve Balls

Sometimes it feels alot like life has me on the defensive. That the world is conspiring to just keep throwing stuff at me that I have to 'deal' with. Curve balls.

Then I give myself a shake and tell myself to quit thinking so negatively. Count your blessings. Be happy you've got as many gifts and privileges as you do. And I do.

But still.... sure would like the world to throw me a meatier bone now and again. I think the last really great bone I got was my daughter. It's been twelve years! Can I have another one please?
Last spring I thought I must be overdue to either a) win the lottery; b) land my dream job or c) fall madly in love with someone wonderful who loved me.

Instead I got a really ridiculous law suit and more of the same....

And the beat goes on and it's still fun to laugh.

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