Sunday, October 25, 2009

Life Update - The latest curve in the road 'less traveled'

Back in Toronto again.

Loved living the ex-pat life in Nicaragua... but reality (and responsibility) beckoned and I've returned to Toronto. I missed being a daily fixture in my daughter's life and I started to worry about my ever diminishing bank account and poverty in my ever looming retirement years.

Being back in Canada is not so bad. Even the weather is not really bugging me (yet). Still not increasing the bank balance, but am really loving seeing my daughter on a regular basis.

Have been spending a lot of time getting 'caught up' professionally and am finding I am still interested in the world of librarianship... or perhaps I should say interested again. Taking two years off to wander around (both physically and intellectually) was refreshing and if it were possible I would probably keep doing it. Since it's not possible... I am happy to take advantage of feeling 'refreshed' and am busy exploring my favourite professional topics: information literacy; critical librarianship; services to the under-served; technological innovations.

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