Thursday, August 14, 2008

Canadians - 10, Rest of the World - 7

In what could have been called a 'grudge match', had it not been that it was actually requested by the reigning champions, Big Wave Dave's Cavemen beat the Bambu Blitzkrieg in San Juan del Sur's second ever street hockey game yesterday.

On Canada Day (July 1) this year, the first ever street hockey game was held at the Sports Park, with Big Wave Dave leading a team of Canadians to challenge a team of players from anywhere else in the world. You can read about this game (and how it came to be) in our local newsletter, Del Sur . You can also watch a video. Of course I was still in Canada and missed this historic event, but followed it closely via Del Sur as well as personal accounts.

The Canadian team took that initial game, and everyone had such a fabulous time that they decided not to wait an entire year for a re-match, but held a second game yesterday. Again the Canadian team out scored their rivals. One rumour has it that the Canadian team would never have done as well if it hadn't been for some creative recruiting. Posters were apparently placed in a local hospedaje that is favoured amoung young French Canadians. Said posters even (rumour has it) featured the Montreal Canadiens logo. Consequently, the Canadian team was well stacked with fit young men who had grown up playing hockey. The international challengers didn't really stand a chance, given that some of their team members had never before even seen a hockey game.

I have to say it was the most fun I've had watching a hockey game (albeit it was the first hockey game I've watched in years) in a very long time and the only time I have ever seen hockey played in bare feet and flipflops. See for a great slideshow of the game.

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