Monday, July 21, 2008

Beautiful People

The "Lonely Planet Guide to Nicaragua" describes the unique cultural mix of peoples that make up what are now known as 'Nicaraguans'. Indigenous, African and European cultures are represented. Seven different indigenous cultures are identified and at least 4 different European nations have contributed to the population. After describing all these cultures and their historical roots in Nicaragua the Lonely Planet writer goes on to say: "Mix all that together, simmer for a few hundred years, and you get an uncommonly good-looking people who consider racism a bit silly." I sure can't argue too much with this description, and a recent photo album on the website: (which is owned and maintained by my friends: Dan and Cesar) certainly documents the beauty of the Nicaraguan people. Check out some wonderful photos of the kids of San Juan del Sur at their recent baseball camp, and see if you don't agree: Baseball Camp In SJDS, Nicaragua

photo credit: Cesar Paniamogan, Jr© 2008

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